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Equipment: RD-1 Melting Point Tester
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Metering Equipment
Unit Type: SET
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2017-09-18
Main Features: Starting point of program temperature raising can be quickly set up. Computer-controlled program temperature raising meets high accuracy on raising rate. Four different temperature-raising rates can be freely ed. The temperature is digital displayed with high accuracy, which make if possible the compare with standard thermograph. High-ratio amplifier is used and makes observation most convenient. Can simultaneously test 3 samples. The beginning and ending melting point of the samples can be saved and reappeared
Usage: Melting point refers to the point of temperature for a substance changes into liquid from solid. Different substances and purity have different melting point, which has been used as a fundamental method for defining a substance by testing its melting point. It is also one of the important ways on purity test. Thus, melting point tester holds an important position in chemical engineering, medicine analysis and research, and is a necessary instrument for production tests and researches on medicine perfume, dyestuff and other organic crystal substances.
Description: Technical Parameters: Temperature range: -300/350 Temperature test accuracy 0.5(<200degree ) 0.8(>200degree) Temperature raising rate 0.5, 1, 2, 3/min Minimum display value of temperature 0.1 degree Power supply 220V+-10%, 50HZ Power 350W Dimension (LxWxH) 250x270x310mm Weight: 3.5KG
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